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At Bridge to Better Learning, we are a passionate team of individuals who are devoted to helping students achieve their academic goals. We help students strengthen their academic foundations by using innovative teaching techniques, quality learning materials and qualified instructors.

  We use standardized academic assessments in order to determine a child's strengths and challenges. All tutoring sessions are delivered one-on-one.  Each student will have a personalized program created based on their academic level, needs and interests.

       Our learning centre concentrates on mastery-based learning. Each student is able to learn at their own pace and will move onto a new subject matter once they demonstrate a deep understanding of a topic. This "gradual release" of academic responsibility is proven to allow each child to build their self-esteem, improve their study habits and realize their full potential. 


        Our proven methodologies and teaching techniques at Bridge to Better Learning are guaranteed to improve academic scores and build confidence in all students, regardless of their starting point.  We provide educational support from Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

Our methods are a distinct combination of Direct Instruction, Behavioural Motivation and Precision Teaching Methods. We provide a framework for constant monitoring of teaching and student progress. Data is collected during every session by charting progress and using motivational strategies to help each student attain their academic goals. We offer programs that focus on the following subject areas: reading, math, spelling, writing, decoding and comprehension. 

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       At Bridge to Better Learning, our programs are designed to be personalized to your child and their needs. 

        We offer academic support for students who fall below grade level and have an Individualized Education Plan in place. As well as students who have been labelled with learning exceptionalities, developmental disorders and genetic disorders such as ADHD, ASD, Down Syndrome etc. 

         Also, students who struggle with mental health issues, anxiety and/or lack of motivation will benefit from ours programs as we highlight their strengths and modify teaching approaches when needed. 

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